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How to Make a Rough and Ready Case for your 11-inch Mac Book Air (in less then 8 seconds)

November 18th, 2010 No comments

Assemble materials.  With an 11-inch Air mac book, you need 13.5 by 24 inch pieces.  Two fabric and one batting.

There they are, or maybe that’s just one of them.

Make a sandwich.  The right sides should both be facing out.  This is just like making a quilt, if you have ever done that.

Quilt.  If this were less of a commando mission I might have used the walking foot–but that would have required more than eight seconds.

Here’s the other side.  Do you love it? Do you love me? I thought so!

Now just check to see the thing fits inside, and maybe pin a little bit; then sew right up the sides and around the edge of the flap so it doesn’t fray beyond a certain level.  I envisioned this as being frayey, but we don’t want the whole thing to dissolve, I think.

You probably know where this is going now.

Right into my purse.  Yum, yum, quilt.